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Goodwood Revival - Summer 2023

A Vintage Affair Just Around the Corner: Experience the Goodwood Revival!

Greetings vintage car enthusiasts!

As the summer sun reappears for what may be the final heatwave of 2023, there's a unique event that beckons all lovers of nostalgia, classic cars, and vintage fashion to the south coast.

We're talking about the iconic Goodwood Revival!

And with the Ship Inn at Itchenor just a short 20-minute drive away from this grand spectacle, we can make sure you have a lovely day.

Why the Goodwood Revival is a Must-Visit

Step Back in Time: The Goodwood Revival isn't just a motor racing event; it's a journey back to the golden era of British motor racing. From the 1940s to the 1960s, immerse yourself in a world where classic cars rule the roads, and vintage fashion is the order of the day.

Classic Cars in Action: Witness some of the most iconic cars from history racing wheel to wheel, just as they did in their heyday. From Ferraris to Aston Martins, the roar of these engines is music to the ears.

Vintage Fashion Parade: It's not just about the cars. Attendees go all out with their outfits, making it a fabulous fashion parade. Don your best vintage attire, be it wartime outfits, rockabilly dresses, or mod suits.

Make It A Day to Remember

Post-Event Relaxation: After a day of excitement and nostalgia, what's better than relaxing with a pint of your favourite ale or a glass of fine wine at our cosy pub?

You can also share some stories of your favourite moments from the day with us.

Plan Your Visit

- Goodwood Revival Dates: 8th-10th September 2023 from 8.30 am

- Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, just a 20-minute drive from The Ship Inn

- Tickets: Available here

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