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Local food and drinks during the Glorious Goodwood Festival

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Glorious Goodwood

If there's one event that combines the thrill of sport, the elegance of summer fashion, and the delight of local food and brews, it's undoubtedly the Glorious Goodwood Festival.

As a restaurant and pub less than 20 minutes from Goodwood, The Ship Inn at Itchenor plays host to attendees from near and far, sharing our tasty menu and ales as visitors prepare for the races and relax afterwards.

Our location right near Chichester Harbour means you can relax with fellow racegoers, by the coast.

Horses and Heritage

The Goodwood Racecourse is a landmark that we're proud to have nearby, first hosting races back in 1802. It’s a place that holds fond memories for many of us, and over the years, we’ve served jockeys, trainers, spectators, and even the occasional celebrity. The festival week is one of our busiest times of the year, and we look forward to it with as much anticipation as the racing fans do.

Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a fashionista, the Glorious Goodwood Festival is as much about the ambiance and excitement as it is about the event. Paired with our selection of local ales, great wines, including the fabulous Gusbourne sparkling wine range and refreshing summer cocktails.

There's nothing quite like toasting a winning horse with a pint of local brew or a glass of champagne. As the day’s events unfold, we welcome festival-goers looking to celebrate their wins or simply relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Local Experience

If you're looking to experience the festival from a local's perspective, then joining us at the Ship Inn at Itchenor is a must.

Just as the festival is known for its world-class racing and relaxed summer style, we're known for our warm hospitality, mouthwatering meals, and top-notch drinks. Nothing makes us happier than sharing this with all who walk through our doors during the festival week.

The Glorious Goodwood Festival isn't just about horse racing—it's about the joy of summer, the thrill of the races, the elegance of the attendees, and, for us, the celebration of local flavours and camaraderie.

Relish the atmosphere and enjoy the glorious Goodwood in true Ship style. The horses are ready, the jockeys are prepared, and your table awaits.

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