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Embrace the Warmth of Winter & all things festive at The Ship Inn, Itchenor!

As the autumn leaves make way for winter's chill, The Ship Inn in Itchenor is ready to welcome you to a season of heartwarming moments and cozy gatherings.

We're proud to be part of your festive traditions. Our dedication to ensuring your Christmas party is a resounding success is unwavering. Our staff are here to make your celebration stress-free and enjoyable, so you can focus on what truly matters - being with family and friends. Our chefs have carefully crafted a Christmas party menu that embodies the spirit of the season. From traditional roasts to delectable desserts, every dish is prepared with love and care. It's a celebration of flavors that will leave you and your guests delighted.

There's something truly special about a Sunday roast, and at The Ship Inn, we're creating hearty, mouthwatering roasts that warm your soul. Join us every Sunday to savor succulent meats, crispy roast potatoes, and an array of delectable seasonal sides. As the fire crackles in the background, the cozy ambiance of our pub will make you feel right at home.

Our roaring fires provide the perfect backdrop for winter gatherings. The warmth they exude isn't just from the crackling logs; it's in the laughter of friends, the joy of sharing stories, and the comfort of knowing you're in a place that feels like family. Whether it's a romantic date night or a get-together with your closest pals, our fireside tables offer an ideal setting to create cherished memories.

Twice a month, we host Games Night, where friends and family come together for a night of fun and competition. It's a chance to unwind, test your skills, and enjoy the thrill of board games, quizzes, and much more. Everyone's a winner when it comes to having a good time at the Ship Inn games night.

For a midweek treat, book in for our Wednesday Fish and Chips special. Dive into a classic British dish served with a twist. Pair it with a refreshing drink and enjoy the quintessential flavors of the sea in a cozy, coastal setting.

Winter in Itchenor is a time when the village and harbor exude a unique charm. The crisp sea breeze creates a serene backdrop for leisurely walks around the picturesque village.

The Ship Inn is perfectly positioned for exploring the stunning surroundings. Take a walk along the coast and enjoy the breathtaking views. With a landscape transformed by the season, it's a fantastic opportunity for nature lovers and photographers alike.

As winter blankets Itchenor with its magic, The Ship Inn is ready to be your holiday destination. Join us for festive feasts, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the joy of Christmas parties. We can't wait to celebrate with you this holiday season. Book your family lunch, mid-week treat or your Christmas party at The Ship Inn and let's create memories together.

See you soon!


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